The Watch Tower


Driving, you will either come down Dungeness Road from the Lydd roundabout or along Coast Drive.

If from Lydd, after a mile pass the brown sign on the right to the RSPB, the entrance road to the power station also on your right, and a road on your left.  You are now approaching some houses on your left and right.  The road curves to the left (becoming Battery Road) but keep right.  Then turn immediately right down a rough driveway towards a big white building on your right.  We are to the left of this.  Please park, next to the red car, in front of the brown garage ahead (not the garage on your left next to the white bungalow).

If along Coast Drive, you will come to the Pilot Inn in front of you as the road curves right and becomes Battery Road.  Drive just a little way and turn left.  Then immediately right etc as above.

If by bus, get off at the Pilot Inn stop, turn back, come just a little way, and turn left.  Then immediately right etc as above.

If you have gone past a red brick building on your right and through the open white gates, you've gone slightly too far.

You can reach Dungeness by car; by bus from Ashford, Hastings, Rye, Hythe, Folkestone, or other; by steam railway in season from Hythe on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway; or by cab from these places.  For example a cab from Ashford costs about £30 each way – call 07940317184 about an hour before needed.  Don't take a cab from outside the station; they are very expensive.  There are cabs waiting outside Rye station.

Tel: 01797 321 773 or 07949 743 315



Watch Tower Dungeness
Dungeness Road,
TN29 9NF.